Trance Inside

Trance Inside – the best from trance and progressive. Two hour radio show hosted by Wolvy bringing you top quality music from all around the world and featuring the best artists on the EDM scene.

Trance Inside

Each episode features the latest and greatest from the electronic dance music scene. In the mix you are going to hear the “Track of The Week” which is one of the most popular tracks currently topping the charts in the download portals and the “Featured Selection” picked by Wolvy showing you a hidden gem that is left unnoticed in the charts. The episodes conclude with a 30-minute guest mix presenting the listeners to different DJs, Producers and styles!
So far the show has seen the stars of many famous names as Tritonal, Suncatcher, Adam Nickey, Sequentia, Manuel le Saux, Ferry Tayle, Walsh & McAuley and many others!
The show is currently being broadcast in several different countries and the list of radio stations along with broadcast times is shown below:

[tabs slidertype=”left tabs” fx=”slide”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Tenzi FM (India)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Up Radio (Poland)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Vibes Radio (Bulgaria)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Global EDM Radio (UK)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Hit Mistery (Bulgaria)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Wheee FM (Germany)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Essence of Sound (Poland)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Power Mix FM (UK)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Safari Radio (Greece)[/tabtext] [tabtext]1 World Trance (USA)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Trance Net (Romania)[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]

Tenzi FM

Every other Tuesday
22:00 IST (India)
18:30 EET (Bulgaria)

[/tab] [tab]

Up Radio

Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday
20:00 CET (Poland)
21:00 EET (Bulgaria)

[/tab] [tab]

Vibes Radio

Every last Sunday of the month
14:00 GMT
16:00 EET (Bulgaria)

[/tab] [tab]

Global EDM Radio

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday
14:00 GMT
16:00 EET (Bulgaria)

[/tab] [tab]

Hit Mistery Radio

Every other Saturday
16:00 EET (Bulgaria)
09:00 AM EST (USA East)

[/tab] [tab]

Wheee FM

Every 1st & 3rd Friday
00:00 CET (Germany)
01:00 EET (Bulgaria)

[/tab] [tab]


Every 1st & 3rd Thursday
18:00 CET (Poland)
19:00 EET (Bulgaria)

[/tab] [tab]

Powermix FM

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday
17:00 GMT (UK)
19:00 EET (Bulgaria)
Replay on the Wednesday after, same time

[/tab] [tab]

Safari Radio

Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday
22:00 GMT
24:00 EET (Bulgaria, Greece)

[/tab] [tab]


Every 1st & 3rd Saturday


12:00 PM EST (USA East)
17:00 GMT
19:00 EET (Bulgaria)



Every 2st & 4rd Monday


14:00 GMT
16:00 EET (Bulgaria, Romania)

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