The Six Mix

The newest project on Trance Inside is called The Six Mix!

The Six Mix will be presenting you with the most popular and played tracks around the world at the moment – six of them mixed in just 30 minutes. Each episode of the show will now feature an edition of the Six Mix just before the guest mix which will be an excellent opportunity to replay some of the tracks that were already part of the show in the previous episodes.

The first edition of the Six Mix was played in Trance Inside Episode 018 and the tracklists for all of the editions can be found as a part of the shows’ tracklists here: Trance Inside Tracklists

As usual you will be able to enjoy the other headings on the show including:

“The Track Of The Week” – featuring the tune that is currently on the top of the charts around the world!

“The Featured Selection” – a track selected by Wolvy presenting you music from not very popular producers who are definitely worth listening to!

“The Guest Mix” which needs no introductions – the best DJs and producers around the world exclusively for you on Trance Inside for the last 30 minutes of the show!